Dispositif d’alarme pour séparateur d’hydrocarbures idSET-OTM


Dispositif d’alarme pour séparateur d’hydrocarbures idSET-OTM
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idSET-OTM is a measuring device for real-time measurement of oil layer thickness in oil separators. An idSET-OTM sensor can be connected to the control
unit, as well as an idOil-LIQ high level and an idOil-SLU sludge sensor.

The equipment is used to monitor:

  • Oil layer thickness: idSET-OTM sensor measures oil layer thickness, allowing the emptying of the separator to be planned, and scheduled well in advance
  • Liquid level rise: The idOil-LIQ upper limit sensor alerts you if the liquid level in the oil separator rises too much, for example, due to a blockage in the outlet pipe
  • Sludge layer: idOil-SLU sludge sensor alerts when silt layer accumulated at the bottom has reached its maximum thickness
  • Decrease in fluid level: The idSET-OTM sensor alerts you if the the liquid level in the separator drops abruptly

In alarm and fault situations, the buzzer of the device gives an audible alarm, the display shows the reason for the alarm and the relays switch to the alarm position. The analog signal of the device indicates the amount of accumulated oil in real time. idSET-OTM sends alarms and scheduled measurements to the LabkoNet service, from where the data can be easily shared with everyone who needs it, regardless of location.

The LabkoNet CONNECTED hardware is connected to the LabkoNet service via a cyber-secure data connection.