Turku Region Water Supply

Data flows at Turku Region Water Supply

LabkoNet’s open API interfaces enable integrations with different information systems and hardware. Turku Region Water Supply Ltd.’s Niko Lindström (right) and Tommi Santanen standing in front of the maintenance department’s information screen.

Knowledge management is at the core of Turku Region Water Supply Ltd.’s strategy, and it refers to the systematic analysis and use of data in improving both decision-making and proactivity. A significant step on the journey is the utilization of the LabkoNet Infra remote monitoring system and getting reliable measurements from the most important data source, the water supply network.

Turku Region Water Supply’s operations include the distribution of treated water and receiving wastewater and directing it to the wastewater treatment plant. The company takes care of the maintenance of the city’s water supply and wastewater network, contracts, invoicing, info, and other related services. The operating environment produces a lot of data, and better utilization of this data has been set as the main goal of the renewed strategy.

Niko Lindström, development engineer at Turku Region Water Supply, says “Implementing a digital strategy requires persistence and a clear vision of the future, but it can provide significant customer and business benefits. In this work, Labkotec has proven to be a capable partner.” 

Customer benefits

Effective implementation of data strategy:rna reliable, secure, and scalable data source.

Savings in time and money: efficient routines, more satisfied customers and staff.

LabkoNet’s open APIs allow the use of all manufacturers’ systems and measuring devices: no unnecessary new hardware is required, no binding to specific manufacturers.

From the field to the heart of the strategy

The city of Turku’s water supply network has numerous utility chambers equipped by different manufacturers, which are used to monitor water consumption and locate disturbances. When the measurements of one of the chambers connected to LabkoNet showed incorrect readings, we investigated the situation and performed meter maintenance. Concurrently, we decided to renew the network’s other measurement points. As a result of our inspections and maintenance, we replaced some of the old flow meters and installed meters in the pressure boosting stations and for monitoring leaks in the sewage chambers.

Also, we realized how Turku Region Water Supply could utilize their LabkoNet Infra remote monitoring system even better. In certain locations, due to the structure of the water supply network, the pressure differences vary in both directions. The flow must thus also be measured correspondingly. This is possible when the flow rate is measured by calculating the spreading time of an ultrasonic wave in a liquid. After completing the tests successfully, we updated the LabkoNet service, made the interconnections and programmed the meters. Since it’s possible to install our flow meters on top of the pipes, the installation did not require cutting the pipes or stopping the water supply process. Also, as LabkoNet’s open APIs allow the use of any manufacturers’ measuring devices, no unnecessary hardware purchases were needed, and there is no binding to a specific manufacturer.

Tommi Santanen, foreman at Turku Region Water Supply, says “Labkotec’s experts do more than what’s agreed — they identify development needs and suggest functional solutions. Also, their products are reliable and easy to use.”

Measurement data — the key to success

Labkonet Infra gives Turku Region Water Supply quick access to the status information, alarms and history data with a standard web browser in the areas monitored. Additionally, clear alarm messages are forwarded to the on-call operator by SMS and/or e-mail. Faster detection of leaks and faults provide cost savings and more user satisfaction. Time is saved as the inspection routines can be made more effective and targeted more accurately. As regards maintenance, LabkoNet makes it possible to switch from making repairs to preventive maintenance. Additionally, LabkoNet’s data processing and reporting tools streamline the reporting to authorities.

LabkoNet convinced Turku Vesihuolto for strategic reasons, also.

“The more data sources we can integrate, the better we can utilize the data. LabkoNet’s open API interfaces give us freedom of choice and do not bind us to one system or hardware supplier. We now have a great starting point to continue developing our processes and business,” states Niko.

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Lauri Ciani
Project Manager

Labkotec’s experts identify development needs and suggest functional solutions. Also, their products are reliable and easy to use.

Tommi Santanen, Turku Region Water Supply