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LabkoNet Infra
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LabkoNet Infra keeps systems in operation and protects the environment

LabkoNet Infra monitors flow rates and helps keep networks, wells and pumping stations in operation. The service ensures that failed devices and impurities are detected, systems are maintained based on needs and invoicing is handled automatically.

Ensure the uninterrupted operation of systems

Significant network threats include growing repair deficit, resource sufficiency and the increasing frequency of extreme weather phenomena. The LabkoNet Infra service ensures the uninterrupted operation of water management and district heat distribution and protects the environment.

What LabkoNet Infra measures

The LabkoNet Infra service can be used to measure groundwater levels, water volumes and flow rates in the water distribution network, water impurity, well leakage and limit alarms, temperature and humidity. The reports account for the comprehensive monitoring of the networks. The service informs all parties of exceeded limit values and forms trends to optimise the systems. Data communications are monitored constantly, and alarms are automatic.

Benefits gained through measurement

LabkoNet Infra enables preventive maintenance and provides savings in maintenance costs by reducing inspection visits and helping to keep measurement equipment in working order and operating at a high utilisation rate. In addition to this, the leak alarms prevent the equipment from getting wet and failing in the event of floods.

The readings can be viewed on any terminal device, and on-site visits are only necessary in the context of emergencies and annual maintenance. Fast positioning of faults and leaks saves both time and money and improves user satisfaction.

Typical applications for LabkoNet Infra
  • Pumping stations
  • District heating wells
  • Groundwater measurements
  • Seepage water measurements