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LabkoNet Infra
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Reliable Solution for Pumping Station Monitoring

The LabkoNet system makes the monitoring and maintenance of pumping stations simple. The system gathers history data and transmits alarm data to designated e-mail addresses.

Measurement, alarm and history data can be viewed with an ordinary web browser. The system-generated alarm messages are easy to understand and are sent either by e-mail to the configured addresses or by SMS to selected mobile phone.

Proactive Forecasting of Pumping Station Maintenance Needs

The LabkoNet system enables the collection and monitoring of information concerning water works, including:

  • Alarms
  • Pump start-ups, operating times and currents
  • The amounts of pumped water
  • Water quality and other measurements
  • Surface levels and temperatures

The gathered data enables proactive forecasting of pumping station maintenance needs. The information can also be exported to MS Excel or other spreadsheet for reporting purposes.

The system is easily expandable and can be installed in existing targets as well as pumping stations that are not equipped with a continuous level monitoring based gauging device.

The communication units are also available in low power consumption versions for expanding the LabkoNet system to locations without an electrical power supply.


  • Pumping stations
  • Network monitoring
  • Water stations
  • Ground and surface water measurements