Icing intensity estimate has been launched in Winterwind 2024

We are glad announcing you that the Labkotec ICE product family expands when our new icing intensity estimate feature is launched. 

Labkotec icing intensity estimate increases the safety of people visiting wind farms and meets the requirements for real-time ice warning equipment. It’s a new feature for our ice detector that helps you to build more understanding of the wind farm operational weather environment.

With the help of icing intensity measurement wind farm will be able to:

  • Optimize blade heating operation
  • Optimize ice protecting system operation
  • Receive early warning for heavy icing conditions for other system optimization purposes
  • Give additional early warning signal to wind turbine operator about icing conditions

Icing intensity estimate has been launched at Winterwind 2024 on March 19th.
For further information, please contact the sales manager responsible for the Labkotec ICE product family, Mika Matikainen, or our product manager Tatu Muukkonen.

Labkotec ice detectors are designed for detecting icing conditions on the rotor blades. Ice detector systems improve turbine production reliability and radically reduce risks caused by ice formation. Labkotec ice warning light system warns people for icing conditions by detecting the icing condition and giving an ice alarm.