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LabkoNet Level
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LabkoNet Level optimises industrial processes and distribution chains

The LabkoNet Level remote monitoring system helps keep raw material tanks at a suitable level, streamline logistics, improve delivery reliability and safety, and protect the environment.

Optimise processes and logistics

In industrial processes, the chain is exactly as strong as its weakest link. This means that every measurement is important whether it applies to an individual production facility or an ecosystem. The LabkoNet Level service ensures that you know the stored raw material volumes to optimise processes and logistics.

What LabkoNet Level measures

The service measures the surface level of liquid or dry material in a tank, informs all parties involved in the process and distribution chain of any exceeded limits, and forms trends to optimise the filling level. Based on the measurement data, you can monitor consumption and prepare forecasts to facilitate delivery planning.

Deliveries and filling reports can be monitored by observing the filling levels. Data transfer is continuously monitored, and the system provides automatic alarms on connection failures and overfilling.

Benefits gained through measurement

LabkoNet Level serves the needs of the industry and transport companies. Thanks to efficient monitoring, you can optimise the filling order of tanks, the process and transport arrangements. This allows the transportation planner to check the customer’s inventory level at any time, from anywhere. The targets and volumes are shown on the map, and they can be integrated into other systems through ready-made interfaces.

  • Process industry
  • Food industry
  • Water utility companies
  • Agriculture
  • Movable tanks