LabkoNet Level


LabkoNet Level
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Keep Up to Date on Stock Inventory Levels – Anytime, Anywhere

The LabkoNet Level -system automates the management of material stocks and logistics.

Its efficient monitoring enables the optimization of the filling order of the tanks and transportations in a manner that best suits your operations

The LabkoNet Level system does not require any proprietary software, only an Internet connection. The service also covers the monitoring of sub-stations and alarms by SMS or e-mail. Data transfer is continuously monitored and the system automatically alerts for connection breaks.

The LabkoNet Level system enables the implementation of consignment stock types for material management needs.

Optimise Logistics – Minimise Production Cuts and Material Shortages

The biggest advantage of the LabkoNet Level system is the enhanced efficiency of logistics; the logistics manager can check the customer’s material situation anytime, anywhere. Alarms and tank inventory data are sent by SMS or e-mail, which makes sudden inappropriate raw material shortages history.

LabkoNet Level is easy to expand and modify to the customer’s special needs when, for example:

  • The number of tanks or alarm points changes
  • The number of targets to be monitored increases
  • New users need to be added or previously created ones are removed
  • The user information on existing users needs to be modified
  • There is an urgent need to get real-time information on modifications for selected users
  • Forecasting raw material consumption has an impact on logistics or sales


  • Production facilities
  • Raw material stocks
  • Water works