LabkoNet® remote monitoring system

LabkoNet® is a flexible and easy to use remote monitoring system that puts measurement data and reports at your fingertips wherever you are, alerting you whenever necessary.   

Save costs with real time measurement data 

Remote monitoring of your measurement devices allows you to predict, plan and optimise refills and emptying at the right time. You can focus resources on your core business instead of measurement monitoring at site and use the real time data for making well-informed decisionsAccurate measurement data also helps keep your equipment in better condition.  

Increase the sustainability of your operations 

Real time data decreases the probability of hazards, such as overfilling, and makes it possible to react rapidly and responsibly during exceptional situations. Increasing process reliability is good for the environment, safer for people and better for business. 

One platform for all measurement data  

LabkoNet monitors events in real time, regardless of time and place. You can manage many measurement points from one place and get rapid reports wherever you are. LabkoNet is a SaaS application, so there’s no need to install software – all you need is a web browser.  

This remote monitoring system grows with your business. It’s easy to get started, and the system is scalable to suit your future needs. Your data is stored and protected in a secure cloud environment. 


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