LabkoNet Waste


LabkoNet Waste
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LabkoNet Waste helps manage waste oil and grease efficiently

LabkoNet Waste monitors separator operation at distribution stations, industrial facilities and restaurants.

Activate the measures for the right parties automatically

Waste oil and grease must be handled in a lawful and responsible manner. The LabkoNet Waste service ensures operational continuity and environmental safety in the best way possible by providing notifications of filled separators well in advance to on-site personnel and the transport company.

What LabkoNet Waste measures

The service indicates when a grease or oil separator has filled up and triggers alarms of any back-up in the grease separator. Oil separator alarms are typically used at fuel distribution stations while grease separator alarms are used at restaurants.

Benefits gained through measurement

LabkoNet Waste serves the needs of restaurants, distribution stations and industrial operators by relaying alarms to the right people at the right time. The service makes sure that the separators are emptied, which ensures operational continuity and saves both time and money. When the alarm data is always available and up to date, it is easier to fulfil official requirements.

Automated alarms increase the efficiency of discharge motions as routes and schedules can be planned even better than before.

Typical applications for LabkoNet Waste
  • Fuel distribution stations
  • Restaurants
  • Industry