Frequently Asked Questions


Who defines a hazardous area?
Determining the hazardous area is the land user’s responsibility.

How long is the products’ guarantee?
The products mainly come with a one-year guarantee.

Can the guarantee be extended?
An extended guarantee is available for all products.

Separator alarms

How often should the separator be emptied or maintained?
The separator must be emptied in every 6 months (EN 858).

What is the easiest way to test the function of an oil sensor in a separator? How about testing a sludge sensor?
The function of an oil separator is easy to check by lifting it up, in which case the sensor should send an alarm. The sensor must be cleaned if it has an oil film when lifting from the separator. Sludge sensor can be tested in a same way.

Why the grease sensor alarms after emptying the separator?
Very likely the grease sensor is still dirty and needs to be cleaned.

How can GA-2 grease separator alarm’s sensor’s function be tested on site?
SG1 grease sensor is lifted from separator in to the air, when the sensor should be alarming. HLL-1 grease sensor is put into water, when the sensor should be alarming. SG1 and HLL-1 sensors have to be in a same water for test to succeed.

Ice Detection

Where is the ice detector installed in wind turbine?
The sensor is installed on top of the nacelle. The control unit is installed inside the nacelle.

When the ice detector alarms, how much is there ice in the blade?
Typically the ice detector alerts after about 12 minutes when there is ice accumulated on the blade about 100 g/m. By changing the alarm limit can the alarm time be moved.

Does the ice detector start the wind turbine automatically after an ice alarm?
No, because there can still be ice on the blade after the alarm.

LabkoNet remote monitoring system

Where’s the LabkoNet -server located?
LabkoNet -server runs in Google’s cloud service, that locates in a server room at Hamina.

Is the LabkoNet system backed up automatically?
Backup from LabkoNet service’s databases is taken daily.

Is the amount of LabkoNet users limited?
Number of users or usernames is not limited. We suggest using personal usernames.

Is LabkoNet an online system?
LabkoNet is not a so-called online system since measurement data does not update constantly. Measurement data updates at regular intervals. The interval variates depending on the application. Through the user interface, user can request up-to-date measurement data from destination, and as the alarm is activated, the measurement data is updated immediately

Who gets the SIM cards?
The biggest part of Labcom communication units use GSM-modem for data transmission. Data transmission (SIM cars) is included in LabkoNet service fee and the customer does not have to get the subscriber systems.

Does Transcontrol function in in non-electrical locations?
LabkoNet TransControl-data transmission units and the barrier demand 230 V AC power supply.

Level measurement

Which level measuring technique is the most durable?
The most durable measure technique fully depends on application. It is advisable to choose a capacitive measurement if it is suitable for the application. Capacitive measurement has no moving parts, so the duration is often up to 20 years.

In what kind of applications is the radar recommended to use?
Radar is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. The characteristics of the radar come into their own, especially in applications where there is foam, vapours, dust or no clear interface above a large surface.

Is an already existing measuerment’s functioning able to be checked and is this service available on Labkotec Oy?
Yes it is. Depending on the application’s conditions, the device’s operation can be checked on either the detachable device or the device installed in its application.

Does Labkotec Oy provide a system with a central part, sensors, and data transfer encased, installed, calibrated?
Yes, equipment can be made into customized entities.

How is the level measurement suitable for the flow measurement of pipes and open shafts?
Level measurements can be used to measure flow by means of dams, and in addition, it is used for all pipe and open channel measurements based on speed measurement. Ultrasonic or pressure measurement is most commonly used, and radar in certain applications.  

Which level measurement technique works on application with foaming flow and can be connected to a partial pipe flow measurement?
In open channel flow measurements, a radar or pressure sensor can be used to measure the surface of foaming water. The pressure sensor can be installed by immersion or externally if the tube can be accessed from below.

Can Labkotec’s SET-60S sensor function be checked without removing the sensor from the pipeline?
This is the SET-61, the predecessor of which is the SET-60S. If the water level of the boiler can be lowered for testing, once the boiler is turned off, the sensor response can be tested without disconnecting the sensor. By lowering the water level in the hydrated boiler below the sensor, SET-61 provides an alarm.

Level switches

Can the sensor function be tested with the SET-1000 and SET-2000 control units test button?
Test-button activates the buzzer alarm, led lights, and relays, so the sensor function can not be tested with the test button.

How do the SET-1000 control unit’s relays function, when only one sensor is in use?
Both relays change their status when it alerts, but the relay 1 can be restored by pressing the test button. This should be taken into account if further alarms are connected to the control unit because the system thinks the alarm has been removed if it has been reset with the test button. Relay 2 monitors the alarm status and does not return until the alarm is cleared.

Can SET-OELO2 sensor be used in outdoors?
The SET-OELO2 sensor cannot be used in outdoor applications, as humidity can cause unnecessary alarms. Only dry interior is acceptable.

Can the SET/J1 sensor be shortened?
Yes, you can, the instructions can be found in the user manual.