Petrol station and fuel terminal equipment


Trident monitoring system

Trident is a fuel level measurement monitor, which can also be used to control storage tanks. The properties of Trident make it extremely well suited for either commercial or non-commercial fuel storage applications. Principal applications include service stations, terminals, refineries,…


MPS-4 Level interface

MPS-4 is the power supply and Ex barrier unit of LabkoMax 7100 MR1 tank level probes. The output signal of MPS-4 is among the top of the world with regards to accuracy, linearity and resolution. Four 7100 series probes can…

Tank level probe of a LabkoMax wet stock inventory system

LabkoMax 7100MR probe

7100MR is the tank level probe of a LabkoMax wet stock inventory system with unforeseen accuracy and reliability. Its main application is tank level measurement at petrol stations and other refilling sites. The magnetostrictive 7100MR measures product level, bottom water…


LabkoFlex 7100V/B sensor

7100V/B is the tank level probe of a LabkoFlex wet stock inventory system with unforeseen accuracy and reliability. Its main applicatons are: Oil terminals Refinaries Petrochemical industry Other industrial applications The magnetostrictive 7100V/B measures product level, bottom water and temperature.…


WBS 3000 water bottom sensor

The WBS 3000 water bottom sensor works on the capacitive principle, which is ideal for detecting the interface between liquids with different densities and dielectric properties. Since the sensor contains no moving parts it is very longlasting, making it very…

idOil-30 oil separator alarm device

idOil-30 oil separator alarm

The design of the new generation idOil-30 is the result of Labkotec’s long experience and customer feedback, as well as the latest requirements from European norms. Up to three idOil sensors of any type can be connected polarity-free, and they…

A two-way protocol converter for communication

MD-1 Converter

Labko MD-1 is a two-way protocol converter for communication. MD-11 converts the RS 232 protocol information to a 20 mA digital current loop data. MD-1 is compact in size, wall-mounted and it’s enclosure is IP 65 classificated.…

YTE-101/3 Tank overfill controller

YTE-101 is a sensor for controlling the overfill of flammable liquids. Its operation is based on the change of resistance in a PTC resistor when temperature changes. YTE-101 consists of a connection box and a casing pipe mounted on the…


LabkoNet Fuel

Managing inventory levels is now easier than ever. LabkoNet Fuel is the Internet-enabled remote monitoring for petrol stations, oil terminals and other refilling facilities. LabkoNet Fuel enhances logistics, increases sales and minimizes product loss and improves environmental safety. LabkoNet Fuel…