SEO Trusts in Labkotec Oil Separator Monitoring Solutions

The growing service station chain SEO decided to renew the remote monitoring of oil separators at more than 40 stations. It chose Labkotec as a supplier for its ready-to-use concept, suitable technology, as well as manufacturers’ core know-how and support.

” Now we can be sure that the soil and groundwater are protected as well as possible. We are happy to have Labkotec as a partner.

Tuomas Puronen, SEO

Reliable and secured monitoring 24/7/365

Monitoring the oil separators at SEO’s stations is now easy and centralized — preparedness for emergency situations is constant and official reports can be produced at the push of a button. The reliability of the system is enhanced by the fact that LabkoNet monitors not only the filling of the separators, but also the status of the connection. If necessary, it is possible to distribute the alarm information to transport companies, for example, which improves preparedness and helps in route planning.
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