Battery Box 10


Battery Box 10
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Battery Box 10 is used as a power supply for idOil-30 Battery and idOil-30 Battery 3G alarm devices.

The idOil-30 Battery model is deactivated for most of the time, which means that it consumes very little power. The power consumption depends on the set measurement and transmission intervals.

idOil alarm devices are fused by means of automatic multiple fusing integrated in the Battery Box 10.


Dimensions: 125 mm x 175 mm x 50 mm
Enclosure: IP 65, polycarbonate
Weight: 470 g (without batteries), 1130 g (with batteries)
Ambient temperature: -10 ºC…+45-55 ºC, max. temperature depends on battery type
Output operating voltage: 15 V DC
Battery: 10 x 1,5 V DC (Type C, LR14 or AM-2 JIS)