idOil-30 oil separator alarm


idOil-30 oil separator alarm
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The design of the new generation idOil-30 is the result of Labkotec’s long experience and customer feedback, as well as the latest requirements from European norms.

Up to three idOil sensors of any type can be connected polarity-free, and they are identified automatically with a one-touch commissioning feature.

The idOil-30 offers extremely easy commissioning, flexible configuration locally via WLAN, as well as alarm logging.

Available also with 3G modem and in 12 V DC operation voltage.

idOil systems are available in complete packages.
idOil-30 complete package includes:
  • idOil-30 control unit
  • Selected idOil sensors
  • Suitable cable connectors
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS2 for control unit
  • Mounting kit LMS-SAS5 for sensors

idOil-30 system packages


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