idOil Solar oil separator alarm


idOil Solar oil separator alarm
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idOil Solar is a solar-powered alarm and communication unit for monitoring the levels of liquid hydrocarbon, sludge, or high levels in oil and sand separators, in locations where mains power is unavailable. It can be equipped with a beacon light and/or 3G modem.

The idOil Solar remains deactivated most of the time, which means that it consumes very little power. The device initiates at predetermined measurement intervals, in order to perform the sensor measurements. When equipped with a 3G modem, the device also starts listening at predeterminined intervals, to receive any possible setting commands and simultaneously reports measurement values.

In case of an alarm, idOil Solar will either initiate a flashing beacon, or sends a text message (SMS) to pre-set phone numbers, or both. All alarms are also visible locally, in the idOil Solar Control Unit, during the short wake-up period. The idOil Solar control unit has the same features as the idOil-30 Battery control unit.

idOil Solar alarm systems are available in complete packages.
The package includes:
  • Solar panel housing
  • Battery
  • Charge controller
  • Applicable idOil-30 Battery control unit version
  • Selected idOil sensors
  • Suitable cable connectors
  • LMS-SAS5 Mounting kit for sensor

idOil Solar system packages