LID Ice Warning System


LID Ice Warning System
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Intelligent LID ice warning system is designed for protecting people and property. The system warns people for icing conditions at an early stage. When LID-3300IP detects the icing condition, it gives an ice alarm by changing the state of the ice alarm relay.

The base station wirelessly transmits the relay status with Satel radio modems to substations. The substations control the LED strobe light based on LID-3300IP relay status.

Satel radio modems enable pointing to multipoint connections. The MESH network enables redundant data transmission between base and substations. It can re-route messages if an individual substation does not have any connection to base station.

Satel radio modems are available in three different frequency ranges 2,4 GHz, 869 MHz and 900 MHz. They can build a MESH network of up to 250 devices.

The warning light cabinets include a heating element of 45 W and a thermostat that maintain the system operational even in cold conditions. Each enclosure has a padlock option in case user wants to lock the enclosures. Each of the warning
posts also has a warning sign.

The base station is using Completech omnidirectional coaxial dipole antenna. It emits the radio waves vertically ensuring that, no matter what position the nacelle is, all of the substations will receive the master signal. The warning light antenna
transmits a wide angle directional beam.