LabkoMax MPS-4 Level interface


LabkoMax MPS-4 Level interface
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MPS-4 is the power supply and Ex barrier unit of LabkoMax 7100 MR1 tank level sensors.

The output signal of MPS-4 is among the top of the world with regards to accuracy, linearity and resolution. Four 7100 series probes can be connected to one MPS-4 Interface Unit.

The output of MPS-4 can be connected to Labkotec Trident monitoring system and to several forecourt controllers, POS’s or Outdoor Payment Terminals.

MPS-4 is available in two versions:
  • MPS-4 basic – with digital 20 mA current loop output
  • MPS-4 RS – with RS232C / RS485 output

LabkoMax Configurator: Compatible with Windows 7 and 10 -operation systems