Pointek CLS300 level switch


Pointek CLS300 level switch
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Pointek CLS300 is an inverse frequency shift capacitance level switch with optional rod/cable choices and configurable output. It is ideal for detecting liquids, solids, slurries, foam and interfaces in demanding conditions where high pressure and temperatures are present.

The digital version (with PROFIBUS PA) includes a display and provides additional diagnostic features.

The Pointek CLS300 is offered in standard and digital versions.

The standard version has 3 LED indicators with basic relay or solid-state switch alarms.

The digital version provides an integral LCD display for standalone use, with PROFIBUS PA communication (Profile version 3.0, Class B) when required. Solid-state switch alarm is standard.

The robust design of CLS300 makes it specifically applicable for heavy solids applications where abrasive materials occur like the mining industry.

The fully potted electronics are unaffected by condensation, dust or vibration.

Wetted parts are made of stainless steel or stainless steel with a PFA shield for high chemical resistance. Ceramic inserts are supplied with high temperature CLS300 devices. Materials with low or high dielectric constants can be accurately detected. The unique active shield suppresses interference from material buildup.

The unique modular design of the Pointek CLS300 provides a wide range of configurations, process connections, extensions and approvals to meet the temperature and pressure requirements of specific applications. The modular design makes ordering easier and reduces stocking requirements. A wide range of probe configurations is available, including rod and cable versions.

Key applications: liquids, slurries, bulk solids, relatively high pressure and temperature, hazardous areas, milling and mining applications

  • Patented Active-Shield technology so measurement is unaffected by material buildup in active shield section
  • Performs in extremely abrasive conditions because of solid rod construction
  • Standard version: 3 LED indicators for adjustment control, output status and power – Digital version: integral LCD display, and PROFIBUS PA communication
  • Push-button calibration, full-function diagnostics
  • Multiple output options
  • SIL/IEC61508 compliant for use in safety integrated level applications for overfill protection (SIL 2)