POP-22 EXI Level controller


POP-22 EXI Level controller
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POP-22 EXI has all in one: LCD display, two relay outputs, one analog output, in-built Ex-barrier and programmability! It is easy, versatile, reliable, affordable and also approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

The versatile POP-22 EXI level measurement and control unit can be used to indicate level, control pumps and valves and to send alarms.

Main applications are:
  • Fuel oil tank level measurement
  • Well level measurement and pump control
  • Chemical tank pump control

There is an Ex-barrier inside as a standard feature. One Labko 3W series probe or any other analog 0/4…20 mA process instrument which is Ex approved and has proper connecting values, can directly be connected to POP-22 EXI.

The POP-22 EX must always be located in the safe area. POP-22 EXI has a 2-line alphanumeric LCD display and an illustrative bar display. There is an analog output and two potential-free relay contacts.

  • PA/3W
  • PAH/3W