SET-1000 and SET/OSK2 Capacitive oil-on-water detector


SET-1000 and SET/OSK2 Capacitive oil-on-water detector
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SET/OSK2 is a special version of SET/OS2 equipped with polypropylene floats to detect oil on water in pump sumps.

The most common applications are for example inspection shafts and different kind of basins with altering liquid level.

SET-1000 Control unit is a one-channel level switch. Typical applications are high level and low level alarms in liquid tanks, condensed water alarms, level control and alarms in oil, sand and grease separators.

SET-1000 can be used as a controller of a level probe located in potentially explosive atmosphere (zone 0,1 or 2) due to intrinsically safe inputs of the device. The SET-1000 itself must be installed in a non-hazardous area.