WBS 3000 water bottom sensor


WBS 3000 water bottom sensor
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WBS 3000 water bottom sensor works on the capacitive principle, which is ideal for detecting the interface between liquids with different densities and dielectric properties.

Since the sensor contains no moving parts it is very longlasting, making it very economical.

The WBS 3000 gives a continuous indication of the interface level, so it can be used in automatic dewatering of hydrocarbon product tanks and containers.

The WBS 3000 is a compactly built, heavy-duty industrial product that operates on a two-wire standard signal of 4-20 mA, so it can be easily fitted into different types of control systems.

The standard length for the sensing element is 350…3000 mm.

The WBS 3000 is ideal for large tanks and tank farms, due to reliable operation and heavy construction.