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LabkoNet Fuel
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Managing inventory levels is now easier than ever.

LabkoNet Fuel is the Internet-enabled remote monitoring for petrol stations, oil terminals and other refilling facilities.

LabkoNet Fuel enhances logistics, increases sales and minimizes product loss and improves environmental safety.

LabkoNet Fuel is easy: no proprietary software has to be purchased, nor costly software updates. The user just needs a computer with Internet browser or gsm mobile phone.

LabkoNet Fuel is secure and reliable, because the data can only be accessed with user id and password. The web server is located at a professional hosting service and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under constant control.

LabkoNet Fuel is easy to modify and expand: new sites, tanks and users can quickly and easily be added.

Additionally, you can utilize LabkoNet Fuel to outsource your hazardous waste management. Oil separator alarms can very easily be connected to LabkoNet and the alarms forwarded to waste collector.