Helsinki Airport

Automation brings reliability to environmental measurements

Helsinki Airport monitors the runoff water exiting the area, among other things. Formic acid salts are used for runway antiskid treatment, and the icing of aircraft wings is prevented using propylene glycol-based fluids. Even though the majority of these chemicals go to the treatment plant, part of them end up in the surface water.

The Kylmäoja River flows on the east side of the airport, far away from the airport buildings and technology. The water quality and flow rate are monitored by means of terrain visits carried out every second week. 

LabkoNet – designed for monitoring levels, flows and water quality parameters  

“We are now using a pressure sensor to measure the water level. The measurement is carried out once an hour, and the results are sent daily over a GPRS connection. The flow rates are calculated from the water level on the server using a standard dam equation. LabkoNet® generates daily and monthly flow rate reports with a single click,” says Elina Kauppila, Environment Affairs Specialist at Finavia, the company operating the airport.

She says that the measurement has also provided Finavia with new information about the situation. The rapid effect of rain on the flow rate is quickly seen from the measurement results. The results can be used in load calculation and the planning of drainage water systems. Obtaining reliable data requires sufficiently frequent measurements.